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      Concordia University, Montreal, QC.-Masters of Fine Arts

      Université Laval, Quebec City, QC - Bachelor of Visual Arts


Solo exhibitions and site specific installations

2013                 Light – No Light  (As I read the stones),site-specific installation, Magazine Beach PowderMagazine                                           building, Cambridge MA

2010                 Promises (Seeking Recognitions),installation, in La langue des ombres / The Tongue of Shadows,Joyce                                     Yahouda Gallery, Montreal, QC, exhibition curated by Gilles Daigneault

2008                 Promises (Welcomes)in The Tongue of Shadows / La langue des ombres,G-A-S-P, Brookline, MA,                                               exhibition curated by Gilles Daigneault  

2004                 Archipels et silènes (Archipelagoes and Silenes), Occurrence,Montreal,QC

2002                 Chambres Paupières, (room eyelids) video installation in an apartment, part of La demeure, series of                                       events organized by Optica Gallery, Montreal, QC

1999                 Axe NÉO-7, Hull, QC

1996                 Rochefort Gallery, Montreal, QC

1994                 Southern Alberta Art Gallery,Lethbridge, AB - companion catalog

1991                 Chantal Boulanger Gallery,Montreal, QC

1987                 Chantal Boulanger Gallery,Montreal, QC

1985                 La ville inversée(The Reversed City), Powerhouse Gallery, Montreal, QC 

1982                 Optica Gallery, Montreal, QC


Selected two-person and group exhibitions

2022                 Au fil du textile, Musée Bruck, Cowansville, QC

2018                 A few conversations between Women, 808 Gallery, BU; the installation Croyance; an essay on                                                 Landings was created in situ by Danielle Sauvé and Judith Leemann

2017                 BA & AB Commons, TheGallery @ Artblock, Boston, MA

2016                 Synergy,TheGallery @ Artblock, Boston, MA

2015                 BU / SVA 60th Anniversary Faculty Exhibition, 808 Gallery, Boston, MA 

2013                 Time Pieces; Jesús Matheus and Danielle Sauvé, The Gallery @ Artblock, Boston, MA

2011                 BU CFA School of Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition, 808 Gallery,Boston, MA

                        Group Matter, Scollay Square Gallery, Boston City Hall, MA

2009                 Illuminati, Gallery MC, New York, NY – curated by Amse Hammershaime

                        Roundabout, Gallery 263, curated by Jed Spear 

2007                 A Reflexive Journey: the Immigrant Experience in Art, Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill, Easton MA

                        Displacement;Maria Ritz and Danielle Sauvé, NAVE art Gallery, Somerville, MA

2006                 /Boundaries/Frontiers,119 gallery, Lowell MA

                        De l’invention des frontiers (/Boundaries/Frontiers),CIRCA, Montreal, QC 

2005                 Rapture; Helene Odon, Danielle Sauvé and Sue Yang,   NAO Project Gallery, Boston

2004                 Changing Values, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, AB

                        L’école des femmes / The School of Women, Musée d’art de Joliette, QC - guidebook

1997                 L'intime: la mise en scène des corps (Intimacy: the Orchestration of Bodies) , Expression; St-                                                   Hyacinthe Exhibition Center, QC - companion text

                        L'histoire à l'oeuvre (History at Work), Saidye Bronfman Center For The Arts, Montreal , QC– companion catalog

1996                  Blitz, Toronto (organized by Rochefort Gallery).

                        Espaces baroques et figures allégoriques (Baroque Spaces and Allegoric Figures),Baie-Saint-Paul Exhibition                               Center, QC - companion catalog

1994-1995          L'Origine des choses (The Origin of Things), Montréal Contemporary Art Museum, QC

                        Travelling exhibition from1995 to1998 (1995- Oakville Galleries, Ont., 1995 - Ottawa Art Gallery, ON, 1997-                               Winnipeg Art Gallery, Man., 1998- Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango del Banco de la República, Bogota,                                           Colombia) – French, English and Spanish Catalog

1993                 Espaces Privés: Scènes d'intérieur (Private Spaces: Interior), Maison Hamel-Bruneau,Ste-Foy , QC

                        Objets choisis (Selected Things), Rochefort Gallery, Montréal ,QC

1991                  AnniNovanti (The Nineties), Cattolica, ex colonia "Le Navi", Italy, Currator: Rénato Barilli  - organized by the                             Cultural Section of EmilieRomagne Region, and the Cities of Bologna (Galleria Communale d'Arte Moderna),                               Rimini (Musei Communali) et Cattolica (Le Navi).  – Italian catalog

1990                 Sylvie Bouchard, Serge Murphy, Danielle Sauvé (works from 1980 to1984), Chantal Boulanger Gallery,                                       Montréal, QC 

1989                 La `Pataphysique d'Alfred Jarry au Collège de `Pataphysique, Gallery of UQAM, Montréal , QC-catalog

1988                 Opening exhibition, Civilization Museum, Québec , QC

                        Histoires de bois (Wood Stories), Galerie Optica, Montreal , QC - Organised by St-Jean-Port-Joli Studios                                   Travelling exhibition from 1988 to1991. - companion catalog

                        Les Temps chauds (Hot Times), Montréal Contemporary Art Museum, QC- Traveling exhibition -1989 to 1991 (                           F.R.A.C. Midi-Pyrénées, France - Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mons, Belgium -Mackenzie Art Gallery, Régina,                                 Saskatchewan, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta) – companion catalogue

1986                 Aventure / Venture, Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts, Montreal, QC -Traveling exhibition in 1986 and 1987                           – Companion catalog.

1984                 Montréal-Tout-Terrain,(Montreal All-Terain) Laurier Clinic Building, Montreal, QC -companion catalog

                        Ouverture à l'est  (East Opening), Studio l'Est Inc., Montreal, QC 

1982                 Odette Fournier, Monique Grenon, Guy Perron et Danielle Sauvé,Visual Arts Gallery, Université Laval, QC


Public art commissions 

1998                 Les traversées (The Crossings), Cultural Center of Joliette, QC – installation in the foyer                           

1995                 Fable d’étoiles (Stars Tale), Université du Québec à Rimouski, QC – installation for a sky light of 22' X 60'

1995                 Portrait carrefour (Crossroads portrait), Dorval Library, QC – installation for the foyer

1993                 Rayons; les heures manifestes (Rays; Manifest Hours), Repentigny Library, QC – outdoor sculpture installation

1995                 Des échos (About Echoes), St-Jérome Detention Center, QC – outdoor sculpture installation


Public collections   

Art Bank, Canada Art Council, Ottawa, ON

Art Works Loan, Quebec Museum, QC

Joliette Art Museum, QC

Lethbridge University Gallery, AB

Montreal Contemporary Art Museum, Montreal , QC



Quebec Art Council and Cultural Affairs Ministry: Creative Support Grants: 2002, 1996,1992, 1989 and 1987 – Professional Training Grant, 1988

Canada Art Council: Creation/Production Grants, 2008, 2004, 1994, 1990, 1988 – Project Grant, 1996, 1992,1986 and 1983  – Travel Grant, 1991

Concordia University: Advanced Studies Grant, 1984-1986.

Quebec Education Ministry: F.C.A.C. Grant (Independent Research Program in Arts), 1982


Exhibition Catalogs

  • Time Pieces; Jesús Matheus and Danielle Sauvé, The Gallery @ ARTBLOCK, texts of Bill Boehm, Boston 2014(digital version only).

  • 2011 Faculty Exhibition, BU College of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Boston 2011.

  • La demeure, Galerie OpticaTexts of Marie Fraser, Constanza Camelo, Marie-Paule Macdonald, preface of Marie Josée Lafortune,Galerie Optica, Montreal 2008.

  • Le Champs Historique : entre trajectoire et stase, (The Historic Field : Between Trajectory and Stasis),  text of Chantal Boulanger, curator of L'histoire à l'oeuvre, presented at Saidye Bronfman Center For The Arts, Montreal, 1997, Heinrich Fitzback. Editor. 

  • Espaces baroques et figures allégoriques, (Baroque Spaces and Allegoric Figures),Baie-Saint-Paul Exhibition Center, 1996, text of Chantal Boulanger.

  • Danielle Sauvé,Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1994, text of Catherine Bédard, English translation by Jeffrey Moore. 

  • L'Origine des choses,(The Origin of Things), Montréal Contemporary Art Museum, 1994, texts of Pierre Landry and the artists included in the exhibition – English translation By D. Lessard and S. A. Sinclair – Spanish translation: El origen de las cosas, published by BibliotecaLuis Angel Arango del Banco de la Républica with the collaboration of MCAM, 1998.

  • AnniNovanta (The Nineties), Arnoldo Mondadori arte ed., Ferrara, 1991, texts of Renato Barilli, Jan Avgikos, José Lebrero Stals, Françoise-Claire Prodhon, Dede Auregli, and Roberto Daolio.

  • La `Pataphysique, d'Alfred Jarry au Collège de `Pataphysique, Gallery of UQAM, Montreal, 1989, texte de Line McMurray et préface de Claude Corbeau.

  • Histoires de bois, (Wood Stories), LesStudios d'été de St-Jean-Port-Joli, 1988, text of Jacques Doyon.

  • Les Temps Chauds, (Hot Times), Montréal Contemporary Art Museum, 1988, texts of Manon Blanchette, Josée Belisle et Gilles Godmer, foreword of Marcel Brisebois.

  • Aventure/Venture, Saidye Bronfman Center For The Arts, Montreal, 1987, texts of Jean Tourangeau and Danielle Léger.

  • Montréal-Tout-Terrain,(Montreal All-Terrain), MTT editor, Montreal,1984, collective.


Selected Articles and Reviews

  • McQuaid, Kate, Jesús Matheus and Danielle Sauvé: Time Pieces, December 18, 2013, p.G4.

  • Gascon, France, La langue des Ombres, Espace Sculpture, Fall 2010.

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  • André L. Paré, La demeure, Para-para, supplément Parachute, Apr, May, June 2003. 

  • Marcus Miller, La demeure, Contemporanea, Londres, Winter 2003.

  • Marie-Ève Charon,La Demeure, Le Devoir,Montreal, Sat. Sept. 28th2002.          

  • Leila Ali S., El Pasado en Presente, Eskpe- El Tiempo, Bogota, June 25, 1998.

  • Fisette, Serge, Et le corps s'est fait oeuvre, Espace, no43, spring1998, p.22-27.

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