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Danielle Sauvé, Light – No Light  (As I read the stones), 2013 

Featured in the Saturday, June 15th Celebration of Magazine Beach Park are the works of three established area artists: installations by Artforming and by Danielle Sauve, and a performance by Nancy Adams.  All three works will be within or immediately outside the 1818 Powder Magazine building and draw inspiration from and interpret it's history and influence on this point along the Charles River and in the larger arena. Below are their descriptions.


n-Gon  -  Artforming -  (installation, in the Powder Magazine main space, noon-5pm)

A site specific collaboration between Rob Trumbour and Aaron Willette of Artforming and composer and musician Jon Sakata that explores an ephemeral mapping of the memory and the latent potential of place through sonic archaeologies and evolving spatial compositions.  (


Light – No Light  (As I read the stones)  -  Danielle Sauve  -  (installation, in the Powder Magazine north addition, noon-5pm)

The installation focuses on idea of palimpsest inscribed in the material quality of the building.  Porosity, layering and absorption of (hi)stories, becomes the topic of my installation.  Light - No Light aims to illuminate and cast shadows at this turning point in the history of the Magazine. (


Unsubscribe  -  Community performance organized by Nancy Adams  -  (outside the Powder Magazine building, 1pm) 

Women and girls from throughout the community will gather quietly around the facade of the former gunpowder magazine gently restoring and reclaiming the site. (Nancy was the co-director of the Boston-based alternative art center Mobius.)


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