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Wood and stoneware ceramic; 30” X 192” X 10”



Objects of art are never totally liberated from external narrative and evocations, although here they aim to bring our attention to their inner substance.  They incarnate a sense of time that is multi-facetted, unfixed and unframed. In Unfolding the ascension of benches can be extended and the ceramic sinuous shapes multiplied to the infinite, as a fragment of a longer chain. The repetition of the brut ceramic folds indicates a sense of necessity instead of obsession.  Treated like dissociated pieces of canvas, they refer to the underlying fabric and intimate forces at play within an invisible, larger project.  Labor segmentation - isn’t that how daily commodities come to us down the line?


The grouping is used as a fluid arrangement. The elements of the installations are disposed in an order that can vary, or expand like a work in flux. We suspect that more can exist, that the installation or the sculpture is a like a framed shot, and as in any suspended moment, the work will never be completed.

Photography: Jacob Belcher

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